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  • Listening versus Talking

  • Solving versus Selling

  • Long-term versus Temporary

Dan Salomone
Educational Alliances in Clinical Medicine      

Dan Salomone knows something about servicing clients. He has started and managed 4 highly successful medical communications agencies.


His most recent agency, Educational Alliances in Clinical Medicine, was founded in 2007. EdAll has extensive experience taking complex healthcare information and developing omnichannel communications programs for your target audiences.

Good Science. Such an old-fashioned idea.


  • Know the Science

  • Know the Target Audience

  • Know How to Develop Content

All omnichannel marketing should start with content that serves the needs of HCPs, patients and others in the disease management community.


Educational Alliances in Clinical Medicine has a 15-year history developing scientifically accurate, engaging & targeted content for a variety of audiences.

We have worked in the areas of ophthalmology, inflammatory diseases, hematology, infectious diseases, oncology, pain management, CNS, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, COPD & asthma, medical devices, traumatic brain injury & erectile dysfunction.


  • Always Thinking

  • Always Creative

  • Always Original

  • Innovation is probably our most unique " product" .

  • Digital technologies offer exciting, new vehicles to present scientific information to target audiences.

  • Of course, sometimes a new twist on a tried-and-true program is the best solution.

  • The following pages highlight a few of our innovative program creations.

J&J, Merck, BI & others wanted a better way to Engage & Communicate with internal teams & with customers

We developed special custom mobile phone apps (for laptops & iPads too) that allowed them to...

  • Instantly post any type of content: videos, audio podcasts, printed materials, slide decks, external links

  • Organize content under Channels, Series & Episodes - just like TV!

  • Post anything in minutes Without Agency Support

  • Hold Zoom-embedded meetings- just click & go

  • Attach tests or surveys to content

  • Allow Users to meet & talk within User Groups

  • Brand the platform for their products & departments. 

Not necessarily. 

If you build it, they will come.

The Omnichannel Marketing Campaign

  • Getting HCPs to access online content is difficult.

  • For our app, featured Episodes were chosen for the omnichannel Campaign.

  • QR codes & website links direct HCPs to the featured Episodes.

  • For media placement, QR codes & website links were promoted in Doximity, Medscape, Sermo, through eBlasts, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc.

  • "Chit cards " with QR codes & website links were distributed by Reps & at exhibit booths.

  • Pop-up posters were placed at exhibit booths & in hospitals.

  • Links take HCPs to the featured Episodes.

  • Once there, HCPs are view content & are invited to download the app.

omnichannel app promotion.jpg

A new twist on a standard program... 

SAGE (Special Group Advisory Engagements)

  • Our client had several ophthalmology products & held separate advisory board meetings for each.

  • We branded all company ad boards under the acronym SAGE (Special Advisory Group Engagements).

  • We held separate SAGE ad board meetings in the Spring plus a large Fall " all hands " group consensus meeting.

  • Keynote speakers & the company CEO attended the Fall consensus meeting. 

  • "Panorama " access was available for Advisors who couldn't attend the Fall meeting in-person.

  • A specially-created SAGE app kept the Advisors engaged during the year.

  • SAGE Advisors formed a core group of KOLs with deep product knowledge.

SAGE for brochure.jpg

What happened when the VP, Medical Affairs couldn't attend the Fall SAGE?

He had volunteered to treat patients deep in a Kenyan jungle.
Innovation needed!

  • We had 4 weeks to create a live satellite webinar connection from a location without any internet capabilities.

  • We set-up a satellite transmission from a remote Kenyan jungle location.

  • VP, Medical Affairs discussed his experiences treating patients who had traveled hours on foot to receive an eye exam.

  • Attendees were deeply moved by his stories.

SAGE 2 for brochure.jpg

Saving Pharma Reps Time & Aggravation

checklit brochure.jpg
  • Reps receive dozens of print & online marketing assets from company headquarters.

  • These assets have a shelf life- wording & graphics change & PIs & ISIs expire.

  • In order to ensure they have MLR-approved versions of marketing materials, Reps had to log-on to a company website, enter 17 characters from the approval code found on all marketing materials & wait for the system to tell them if it was OK to distribute a particular asset.

  • We developed CheckLIT.

  • Using CheckLIT, the Rep holds their camera over the approval code & are instantly told if the asset is approved for distribution.

  •  CheckLIT also tells the Rep if the asset is about to expire so they know not to order too many copies from the warehouse - this has saved the client money on printing costs.





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